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C'es pages devenir actualize par une accès intenet avc cable

Mise en garde: sous sans cable d'utilisation de internet (WLAN, GSM, LTE, 5G etc) compromitte votre sante!

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We, the providers of this homepage, welcome all those who are interested in our website.

We wish to emphasise that this homepage and all the information on it conforms to German law. Any user who fails to take proper note of this disclaimer and continues to explore the other pages of the website should be aware that in doing so his or her relationship with us is solely determined by German law.

The content of these pages was created with extreme care. Nonetheless, we can offer no guarantees as to the accuracy, completeness, or up-to-dateness of that content. In order to improve the quality of the content we therefore retain the right to alter, make additions to, or delete content without notice.

As a service provider we are responsible in general legal terms for our own content according to § 7, para. 1 of the TMG. However, according to §§ 8-10 of the TMG, as service providers we are not obliged to monitor transmitted or stored information coming from other sources, or to investigate circumstantial evidence which may point to illegal activity. This does not affect the obligation arising from general laws to remove, or block the use of, certain information. The responsibility to do so, however, is only possible once it has become known that a specific breach of the law has occurred. As soon as we become aware that any content hosted by us is in breach of the relevant law(s), it will be immediately removed.

Responsibility for links

Our website contains links to external sites hosted by third parties. We have no influence on their contents. We are therefore unable to accept liability for this third-party content. Responsibility for the contents of linked sites always rests with the respective provider or operator. Before publishing links to these websites, they are checked for any possible contraventions of the law. No such contraventions were identified when the links were posted. It is unreasonable to expect a continuously updated monitoring of the content of linked sites in the absence of concrete suspicion of a breach of the law. Should any such breach come to our attention, the respective links will be immediately removed.


The content and works created on these pages by the operator of the site are subject to German copyright law. Reproduction, editing, distribution and any form of exploitation beyond the limits of the copyright require the written consent of the relevant author or creator. Downloads and copies of this website are permitted solely for private use. No commercial use is allowed. In the case of content included on the site which was not created by the site operator, third-party copyright applies. Content deriving from third parties will be marked as such. Should you become aware of any instance in which copyright has been infringed, please let us know. We undertake to remove any such content immediately, as soon as we are made aware of a contravention of the law.

No warning without contact

Should anyone wish to make a legal claim against us, we ask that they simply contact us first, so as to avoid unnecessary legal disputes, cautions and the expenses these may incur. We commit ourselves to seeking a remedy in order to exclude any risk of repetition. However, should we be presented with an invoice for legal costs relating to a proposed claim, without prior contact, such a claim will be rejected on the grounds of non-observance of the legal duty of damage mitigation. In this context, any unnecessary or illegitimate warnings and/or follow-up measures will be subjected to a negative declaratory judgement.

Legal validity of this disclaimer

Where parts of this text, or specific wordings within it, do not, or no longer, or only incompletely correspond to the current state of the law, the remaining parts of the disclaimer shall be unaffected by this, either in their content or their validity.

Source: - Internet law by lawyer Sören Siebert