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No introduction of the 5G wireless standard without proof of its safety!


The European Commission is called upon to determine that the introduction of the 5G mobile phone standard should be halted because there are scientifically based grounds for doubting the safety of this technology.

Statement of Grounds

Hundreds of scientists and doctors from many countries have added their voices to warnings about the risks from an expansive introduction of the 5G mobile phone standard. Numerous recent academic publications documenting the current state of research show that high-frequency electromagnetic fields (HF-EMF) harm living organisms at levels far below those of the majority of current national and international guidelines. It is a proven fact that HF-EMF is harmful to humans, animals and plants - as is exposure to electromagnetic fields that are already in use in telecommunication applications (GSM, UMTS, LTE, WLAN).

The new 5G standard makes use of millimetre waves of up to 200 GHz. The radiation is absorbed by the human skin and is taken up by the leaves of plants. The 5G mobile phone standard would increase exposure to electromagnetic fields in the high-frequency range to an almost unimaginable extent, not least because of the high density of antennae this technology requires.

The expected health effects include an increased risk of cancer, cellular stress, higher levels of free radicals, incalculable genetic modifications, changes to the structures and functions of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders and negative effects on general wellness. The risks from a global introduction of 5G extend far beyond those affecting humans; there is also increasingly solid evidence of undesirable effects on the plant and animal kingdoms.

The scientifically proven harmful effects of HF-EMF radiation and the cumulative effect of the 5G mobile phone standard may cause immense and irreversible human catastrophes, in addition to unquantifiable negative economic effects. Human life and health are not negotiable.

Join us and become part of a Europe-wide movement against the irradiation of our environment!

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